Eye Care For Children

Why is it important to have your child’s eyes checked?

Good vision is key to a child’s physical development, success in school and overall well-being. The vision system is not fully formed in babies and young children, and equal input from both eyes is necessary for the brain’s vision centers to develop normally. If a young child’s eyes cannot send clear images to the brain, his or her vision may become limited in ways that cannot be corrected later in life. But if problems are detected early, it is usually possible to treat them effectively.

Making sure your child is healthy inside and out is something almost every parent strives to do.  So why leave out the windows to their souls?  If a vision or eye health problem exists but is left undetected, it can worsen and cause irreparable damage.  These issues can also create behavioural or academic problems.  After all, up to 90% of what your child learns comes from what they see!


A new born child is typically checked at birth to make sure his or her eyes are working correctly.  However, new born babies are not yet able to distinguish fine details.   By six months, vision improves tremendously.  He or she is now able to recognize you, make eye contact, and recognize shapes etc.

Although his or her vision has improved, your child’s eyes are still not fully developed.  This generally happens around the age of six.  With this being said, any underlying eye condition that has gone undetected is much more difficult to treat after this age.



If there are any vision or eye health complications present in your child, it is much to his or her benefit to have it assessed and treated sooner rather than later.  Optometrists recommend bringing your child in for the first exam at 3 years.  At this age, the eye is still developing and is much more susceptible to treatment.  After this initial check it is important to maintain regular visits according to the plan your optometrist has customized for you and your child.

Keeping on track with these visits is especially important because once your child is in the adolescent stage, every part of he or she will start to grow significantly.

This includes the eyes.  While the eyes are growing, they are more vulnerable to visual defects.  Monitoring your child’s ocular and visual health at regular intervals is key to his or her long term development.



Your child should be scheduled for an eye exam immediately if they display any of the following behaviours:

  • Gets frustrated when reading
  • Closes or covers one eye
  • Poor handwriting
  • Screws up eyes or frowns to see
  • Rubs eyes and blinks a lot
  • Finds it difficult to copy words from the chalkboard
  • Complains that things are blurry or hard to see
  • Short attention span; gazes out of the window
  • Frequently loses place when reading
  • Skips words or whole lines of text



The good news is that all children’s eye exams are FREE thanks to the NHS!  There isn’t an age limit on bringing your child in to see us at Blackhealth Eyecare Opticians.  Some optical practices will require that your child know their alphabet before bringing them in for an exam.  However, in our practice we have the ability to use images as well as letters to test your child’s vision.


Should your child require glasses, the NHS also provides a range of FREE glasses for him or her to choose from.  There is also the option to choose from various designer frames that come in more comfortable, flexible, and durable designs if you wish to upgrade.

Thinner, more lightweight, and reflection-free lenses are another option that we are able to include to enhance your child’s vision even farther.



Because depth perception and hand eye coordination are such an important part of sports, InFocus Opticians also offers a variety of sports glasses made specifically to hold up to wear and tear and also to stay securely on the face while playing.  For older children, contact lenses are also a great option.

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