Casual children's glasses that kids love to wear

From a statistics perspective, approximately every fifth child needs glasses. And today, children's glasses not only perfectly compensate for visual defects, but they also look really good. This means that teasing is a thing of the past.



Come with a little patience when you are buying your first glasses, especially for small children. And don't forget to let your child help to make the choice. That is because the better your child likes the glasses, the happier they will be to wear them as well. Especially in the beginning, it is important to make sure that the glasses stay on the nose. Your child will get used to their new visual aid quickly.


Tip: Especially - but not only - at the beginning of school, we recommend that you have your children's eyes checked either by an ophthalmologist or here at InFocus opticians. 


Since small children in particular do not have a very well developed bridge of the nose, the nose support of the children's glasses should fit particularly well and have soft padding. That way the glasses will stay on the nose better and pressure points will be prevented. Particular attention should be paid to the temples. They must not cause pressure, which can cause headaches over time, nor should they fit too loosely. It is ideal if the temples are made of a flexible material. That way they can be bent to the inside and outside any number of times making it much easier for children's hands to put them on and take them off. This increases the wearing comfort and makes the glasses more acceptable. The material of the frame should also be able to withstand wild romping about with ease. Frames made of flexible, light materials are particularly well suited. The lenses in children's glasses should definitely be made of plastic. Plastic lenses can withstand more than glass, which can splinter dangerously.


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