More relaxed to work with computer glasses

Why computer glasses too?


Computer or workplace glasses are orientated specifically around the requirements of every day at work, which other glasses cannot master.

With computer glasses, you are treating your eyes to a vacation, even when you work - thanks to our choice of near comfort lenses.


At your workplace, it is necessary to focus on your monitor, desk and colleagues at different distances. With increasing age, that becomes more strenuous for your eyes. Subconscious changes made to your posture have to be compensated for, and often result in pain that is difficult to locate. InFocus Opticians offer near comfort lenses to offload stressed eyes as well as tense necks and shoulders. You will notice the effect even if they are only worn for 5 - 10 hours a week.


Our lenses we offer are available in three variations: The Book near comfort lenses provide an optimally large visual zone up to a working area of 90 cm and thereby ensure fatigue-free work, for example for teachers and dental technicians, when reading or doing handicrafts.

Other choices provides an unrestricted field of vision when working at a PC in an area of up to 1.20 metres. These lenses is for anyone who often has to talk to customers or hold meetings. The wide visual zones allow for relaxed vision up to 5 metres and are ideal, for example, for lawyers or conductors, at reception desks or counters.


By the way, with computer glasses, your eyes will also feel good when you are doing your hobby!


Requirements of your eyes

  • Quickly focussing at different distances
  • Monotonous, laborious computer work
  • Infrequent blinking, hence dry eyes
  • Often poor lighting

Vision with progressive glasses

  • They facilitate smooth vision from up close to far away
  • No need to constantly change glasses
  • The visual zone in the reading and intermediate distance is relatively narrow
  • Can lead to unnatural posture at the workplace
  • Vision stress and neck tension from more frequent head movements

Vision with reading glasses

  • Good near vision up to 40 cm, the keyboard for example
  • Not optimum for distance to the screen, ca. 60-80 cm
  • Poor focussing, e.g. on a wall calendar or at colleagues in the room
  • Leads to relieving postures and tension
  • Frequent glasses changes are needed

Vision with computer glasses

  • Individually adapted to your eye movements and visual habits at the workplace
  • Extra-wide fields of vision at reading distance up to room depth
  • Ergonomic body posture
  • Comfortable vision even in your free time
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