Smooth, sharp vision with our progressive lenses

Each one of our progressive lenses that we offer at InFocus Opticians is a small masterpiece. It makes "smooth", i.e. stepless, sharp vision possible for near, intermediate and far vision and uncompromised visual comfort for those with age-related farsightedness.


At InFocus Opticians you can rest assured our progressive lens corrects shortsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia at the same time, and it also gives the wearer clear vision at all intermediate distances. The lenses are made in such a way that there is no visible edge in the lens. This has two decisive benefits: The wearing and visual comfort is considerably higher and the glasses provide an unimpeded view of the eyes. That looks much more aesthetic. 



How do progressive lenses work?

You can see at all distances smoothly and clearly with progressive lenses. To people with presbyopia, they offer uncompromised visual comfort.


Progressive provide a seemless progression in lens strength for the near, intermediate and far range. The bothersome changing between reading and standard glasses is no longer necessary. And, progressive glasses also have benefits when it comes to looks: Because the different visual zones in the lens transition into each other invisibly, the progressive glasses grant an unimpeded view of your eyes, and cannot be discerned from normal single vision glasses. 


Since even sport glasses can be equipped with progressive lenses, you don't have to do without your smooth visual comfort when you are jogging or playing golf.

When do progressive lenses make sense, and for whom?

• Suitable for people with presbyopia
• Relevant as of ca. 40 or 45 years
• No bothersome glasses changes 
• Uncompromised visual comfort

During the course of the natural ageing process, the elasticity in the lens starts to deteriorate, and it can no longer adjust optimally to different distances. You will notice this as your "arms are becoming too short" when reading. This means your arm is not long enough to hold a book at a comfortable reading distance. For anyone who doesn't want to constantly put the obligatory reading glasses on and off, or alternatively doesn't want to change between different glasses, the best thing is to reach for progressive glasses. Because when it comes to visual comfort, you shouldn't make any compromises.


Acclimatisation time for progressive glasses

• Your eyes must adjust to the "progressive vision" 
• Time: several hours to a few days 
• The sooner you start, the faster the acclimatisation 
• Particularly short for progressive lenses from our trusted brands we recommend.

The conversion to progressive lenses is initially something that takes getting used to, because the eyes are always offered several images at the same time. However, once you have trained your vision, you can quite normally focus on the desired distance. The result is that you use your personal vision potential by 100 % as quickly as possible - for crystal clear vision at all distances.

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