Undiminished reading enjoyment with our reading glasses

Counter diminishing vision in the near range with good reading glasses in order to maintain your visual comfort and quality of life.

When you get older, your vision starts to weaken, which is a completely natural process. As of approximately 40 to 45, the lenses lose their elasticity and hence their accommodation capability. This means that you can no longer change between near and far vision as well, and reading becomes more strenuous, for example. Anyone who would like to maintain their enjoyment of reading and be able to read the menu or fine print with the usual ease will find high-quality reading glasses to be the optimum solution. It is the easiest way to compensate for your presbyopia. If an additional visual defect arises for far vision, then the best advice is to use progressive glasses. 


It is now possible to buy cheap reading glasses in supermarkets or at a chemist’s. Of course, they are not individually adapted to your eyes and the strength of both lenses is the same. This means that you can read well with one eye at most. If you continue to wear poorly matched glasses, then you can even damage your eyes. Therefore the best thing is to rely on high-quality reading glasses from an optician.

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