Sharp vision to the horizon with single vision glasses

Whether shortsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, with single vision glasses you can see clearly again.

When a visual defect has been determined for you, then the refractive power of your eye's lenses no longer matches the exact length of your eyeball. In this case, single vision lenses can help you to see clearly again at all distances up until about your 40th year. They make sure that the light rays hit the retina accurately in your eye and result in a clear image. In an eye with a refractive error, this image is created either in front of or behind the retina. The result is an unclear picture of our surroundings.


Even a refractive error that is assumed to be minor - the personal assessment and actual values are sometime quite disparate here - should be remedied as quickly as possible. In road traffic above all, you are reliant on truly clear vision, for example when you are passing another vehicle. If at any time you have thought to yourself: "I think I need glasses", then don't shy away from a trip to the optician. Single vision glasses will give you a new perspective, safety and quality of life.


If you are wearing single vision glasses for the first time, or if you have just gotten a new prescription, then it is quite normal for you to have to get used to them. To people who are quite nearsighted, the world appears to be smaller when looking through the new glasses. They give the impression that the ground is further away and the room seems to be deeper. In contrast, glasses wearers who are farsighted have a magnification effect with their lenses, which is just the opposite perception. However, our brains adapt quickly and get used to the new way things look. 

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