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If you push your limits in sports, you must be able to rely on your equipment. This also includes having the optimum lenses, for more safety, performance and fun.
Sport is movement, speed, coordination, and sport glasses are not simply fair weather equipment. That is because they protect the eyes not only against sunlight, but literally against anything that can get into the eyes during sports: headwind, dust, insects or branches on the edge of the path. Here sport glasses with their curved shape act like a shield and are a wise companion for all types of sports. It doesn't matter whether it is for running, jogging, mountain climbing, skating, rowing, tennis, squash or bicycling. 


Regardless of whether you are a recreational athlete or professional, you can rely on the quality of our lenses during sports as well. You are at your peak performance during sports, and you ought to be able to expect the same from your glasses. Besides protection and visual comfort, our lenses provide optical correction with which you can exploit your personal vision potential by up to 100%.

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