Not just a fashion accessory: Your prescription sunglasses

Sun protection lenses increase the contrast and protect above all against disturbing glare and dangerous UV radiation.

Sun protection with SunGlasses 

A good sun protection lens protects your eyes against UV radiation. They give you a high-contrast vision experience even in glaring or diffuse light. 

Sunlight has the unpleasant characteristic of not showing contrasts adequately. Daylight has a high percentage of blue scattered light that overpowers the other colours, which leads to low-contrast vision. Our Choice of SunGlasses filters the blue light radiation down to the optimum level. Objects appear with high contrast, and colours and details appear natural.

All-round protection for every moment 


Especially in road traffic and sports and recreational activities under an open sky, precision vision and the perception of important details make the difference. A good sunglasses lens must prevent the glare and in the process keep the natural colour contrasts. One-hundred percent UVA and UVB protection is important, especially for places with high reflection, for example by or on water, in snow, the mountains and in the city. Our choice of sun protection lenses guarantee this protection, because they completely filter out all UV radiation up to 400 nm.

Perfect view, even when driving 


Light situations can change considerably faster on the road. This places a very heavy burden on the eyes. Fatigue, headache and loss of concentration many be the consequences. It is good when you are wearing the right sun protection lenses. This special tinting is matched to the light conditions in the car. Naturally you are also protected against glare and UV radiation outside the car as well. 








  • Orange: Ideal for sports and recreational activities. Balances out quick changes between light and shade, and provides true details even in diffuse light.

  • Amber: Optimum contrast effect for green; therefore it is ideal for golfing or other ball sports. Optionally with 65 % or 80 % tinting.
  • Brown: Universal glare protection with a pleasant colour, high colour reproduction. Optionally with 75 % or 85 % brown tinting.
  • Green: Best colour perception, pleasant colour and high glare protection.
  • Drive: Ideal for car drivers. Best contrast effect, very high colour reproduction. As uni color or as graduated tint.
  • Dynamic Red: Natural colour perception and the best recognition of details. Ideal for joggers and cyclists.
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