Charlton House

The Manor of Charlton


Not to be confused with Carlton House, the Prince Regent’s home during the Regency, Charlton House is an English manor of the kind dotted about the English landscape. Built in 1607 of red brick and stone, Charlton House is a major attraction for tourists.


The Manor of Charlton was assessed in the Doomsday Book as having belonged to the Norman King William the Conqueror. The book lists the possessions of William and recorded ownership transfer to his half brother, Odo, a Bishop of Bayeux. After a few years, ownership of The Manor was then transferred to the Prioriy of Bermondsey. The title of The Manor of Charlton remained in the possession of the church until King Henry VIII mandated the dissolution of the monasteries.


Historians say that the modern Charlton could have been established around 1607. This is the year when the Manor of the Charlton was acquired by Sir Adam Newton. At this time the Scottish scholar worked as the tutor of Prince Henry, son of James I. The construction of Charlton House began in 1607 and completed in 1612.


With it’s beautiful gardens and old-time feel of the mansion, it is a primary attraction. A main feature not to be missed when visiting Charlton House is the recently made Amnesty International Peace Garden.

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